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The Crux of Redux

A tool for managing data and UI states in JS // Krishna Priya


Jumpstart your projects in record time.

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Tech-troduction Day - 6

The best thing in the world is to enliven your imagination. Grab all the fundamentals of game development here.

Tech-troduction Day - 5

Make your foundations strong as you dip your toes in app development.

Tech-troduction Day - 4

Get introduced to the world of smart machines with the rudiments.

Tech-troduction Day - 3

Make everything around you smart with the basics of IoT.

Tech-troduction Day - 2

Backend development holds everything together, grasp it here.

Tech-troduction Day - 1

Learn the basics of frontend development to design a world of your choice.


Ink the link.

2020 Rewind

Catch a glimpse of all the beautiful moments we were able to squeeze in 2020.

Code - Decode

Get a promising head start in your journey to become the next coding champion

React with US

An ideal webinar for developers who want to delve into the React Native community and ignite their skills.

Daughters Day

A letter from us to all the daughters in the world. Keep rocking!


Hunt your hues. Directly from your browser.


Shorten the URL. Broaden the Reach.

Your Express-way to Serverless APIs

Part 1 — Serverless Architecture and AWS Lambdas // Gita Alekhya Paul

Unlocking LinkedIn

Presenting to you Unlocking LinkedIn, your gateway to a stupendous portfolio.

How is COVID treating you?

Seerat Parmar

Taiwan vs Coronavirus

Aditya Mukherjee

Online Market Amidst Lockdown

Krishna Priya


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Using a Java Snippet from inside of Node.js

Aniruddha Chatterjee

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Why don't you join us in making this quarantine period productive by learning some designing lessons?

Introduction to Node.js

Get started with Node.js

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Timelapse – Starbucks – MozoDesign

Illustrate the famous Starbucks cup


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